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I am delighted to present my VR

experience to you, "The Elephant I Found Under My Skin.

The film is a story written by me and Shaool. It reflects the emotion I

experienced when I first did an ultrasound test to reveal if I have breast

cancer. The idea of me, a 25-year-old young woman, having breast cancer

really reveals to me the relationship I have as a woman with my body.

"The Elephant" tells the story of Gali and her emotional odyssey. When Gali

goes for her first breast ultrasound, she feels uncomfortable. In order not to

be tested, she gives up her breasts hoping to escape the exam. To her

surprise, her breasts are swallowed into a fantasy world through the

ultrasound machine and she finds herself swallowed soon after. In this world,

she is trying to escape her breasts as well as the exam, but finds out she

cannot leave until she becomes whole again. The film dives into the

intricacies of body image, mental health, and the transformative power that

comes with confronting one's deepest fears.

In a world where conversations about women's health are gaining

momentum, our goals are to contribute a timely and relevant perspective. By

addressing sensitive topics with empathy and authenticity, the film aims to

foster a dialogue surrounding the emotional aspects of health experiences,

particularly those related to breast health.

Enclosed, we invite you to step into the fantastical world we've created.

I believe that "The Elephant" has the potential to offer a fresh and compelling

perspective. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to share this

deeply personal and emotional journey.

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