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Between Fingers

Animation short film


A Short film, produced and developed as part of the

"90 seconds of respite". 


During her bathroom break, Roni scrolls through a dating app, when suddenly her finger enters a digital finger dimension.

In this “finger world” she experiences a journey in search of the one.

Created with a grant from Gesher Film Fund for the development.


Hebrew phrases that incorporate the word 'finger' became a great creative material for example

אֶצְבַּע קַלָּה עַל הָהֶדֶק became a gun finger.

also used "Creation of Adam" as an art reference for an Hebrew expression "God finger".

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 14.27.00.png
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 16.47.20.png

Character explorations

designArtboard 7 copy 2.jpg
Artboard 7.png
designArtboard 7 copy 3.jpg
designArtboard 7 copy.jpg

Style exploration

I aimed to use a mixed media technique to convey the idea that every individual man on a dating app is unique, while simultaneously refreshing the web interface with a new look that blend into each other.

frame 03.png
frame 02.png
frame 01.png

Main Finger

This is Roni, she is 25 year old and ready to meet the love of her life.

She is a multitasker, so while she is sitting in the toilet she is looking in a dating app.

The design of the main character had to convey the idea of wondering around -

that is way Roni is the only character that is way she never stay still.

Also her hair is in the shape of heart to imply that she is looking for love.



I love to get involved in the process of sound creation.

I send out to my sound designer CML POP a sketch 

My sound designer CML POP used recordings of various

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